Langley Executes License Agreement with GLSEQ, LLC

On June 9, 2015, LaRC approved a partially-exclusive license agreement between NASA and GLSEQ, LLC of Huntsville, Alabama, for Langley’s SansEC wireless sensors technologies.

SansEC is a NASA-developed wireless sensor technology that is damage tolerant and requires no electrical connections. Unlike other sensors, a SansEC sensor can be designed for measurements unrelated to each other — like temperature and fluid level — and easily switch from one to another or do both simultaneously. The sensor has no conventional electrical connections, making it highly resilient to damage. It operates as a single component and not only weighs less than its closed-circuit counterparts but can be manufactured at a lower cost. It uses fewer materials, requires less time and labor, produces less waste, and has a wide range of commercial applications.

GLSEQ initially partnered with Langley in 2013 through an evaluation license agreement. The evaluation license allowed the company to closely examine SansEC sensors for commercial applications. It also provided the company with access to the NASA inventors of the technology. This access was important to James Gleason, GLSEQ President, who said, “The information we’ve gotten from Langley has put us over the top. The discussions with inventors were very open and fruitful.”

Now, with a partially-exclusive license agreement in place, GLSEQ plans to develop products in the field of use limited to safety-related and non-safety related instrumentation and control systems for nuclear facilities, including advanced safety related and non-safety related instrumentation systems for severe accident monitoring within nuclear power plants and nuclear storage facilities.

“We’re really pleased we got to license this technology and are positive that it will help us make nuclear plants safer. The SansEC technology helps us to create intrinsically smart sensors,” said Gleason.

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