GLSEQ is proud to introduce our new product line – Intrinsically Smart – Severe Accident Instrumentation Line (IS-SAIL). These products are designed to make nuclear plants even safer!

The first product available in the IS-SAIL product line is the GLSEQ Severe Accident Information System (SAIS). The GLSEQ Severe Accident Information System (SAIS) is a complete severe accident monitoring system for nuclear power safety applications.

These monitors can locate and measure hydrogen concentration anywhere in containment and outside of containment.

Tested in the SA Keisou Program, the GLSEQ SAIS was subjected to a multiphase, multi-year verification process.

This program was part of the collaborative project by Japanese electric power companies and plant manufacturers and carried out as the Safety Enhancement for LWRs program by the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy.

Key features

  • Intrinsically Smart
  • Measures Hydrogen, Oxygen, Temperature, and Pressure
  • Designed for Nuclear Severe Accident Service
  • Two Versions: 250°C and 700°C

For more information, please see the Severe Accident Information System information on