Equipment Qualification and Testing Services


By incorporating world-class experience, from materials to parts to systems, GLSEQ has been performing Equipment Qualification (EQ) for over 25 years.

James Gleason, president and found of GLSEQ, developed international nuclear consensus standards and licensing development for nuclear facilities. GLSEQ has collaborated with the NRC, NEI, IEC, ANS, and international experts to develop standards for nuclear power plants, nuclear facilities, and geologic repositories. James Gleason has been the Chairman of the IEEE STD 323 -2003, “IEEE Standard for Qualifying Class 1E Equipment for Nuclear Power Generating Stations”. He is also a member of the IEEE Nuclear Power Engineering Committee and lead developer of risk-informed performance-based evaluations of nuclear standards.

Testing Services

  • Environmental Qualification
  • Seismic Testing / Qualification
  • Aging
  • Radiation
  • Assessments / Binder Preparation
  • LOCA Testing
  • Life Testing
  • Qualified Life Enhancement

Testing and Qualification of Safety and Commercial Grade Parts

Testing and qualification services performed in accordance with standards and processes including IEEE 323, IEEE 344, 10 CFR 50.49, 10 CFR Part 21, Commercial Grade Item Dedication, Materials Analysis, and Similarity Analysis.

Age Related Degradation Management

GLSEQ works with you to ensure your aging equipment can safely operate within its expected life and can help perform different engineering analyses such as Residual Life Assessment, Condition Monitoring, Root Cause Analysis, Root Cause Training, Non-Intrusive Maintenance, and Component Upgrades.

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