Expert Materials Analyst +

GLSEQ’s Expert Materials Aging and Radiation Effects Software

Featuring Calculations for: Residual Qualified Life, Multi-baseline, Simple Qualified Life, Qualified Life with Heat Rise, Expected Life, DBA Test versus Requirements for Both Temperature and Pressure Profiles, Arrhenius Linear Regression, with 2, 3 and 4 point templates, Post Accident Operating Time, Arrhenius Properties from Expected Life, Arrhenius Activation Energy Conversion kcal/mole to eV, Degradation Equivalency, and Weighted Average Temperature.

Available Product Versions

Commercial Grade Version: Formulas are protected and visible for ease of verification
Appendix B Version: Includes software V&V and Quality Assurance Audit privileges
Multi-site Licenses available for purchase

Easily Searchable Data

EMA+ contains an easily searchable database of materials with their Arrhenius information, brand or trade information, material description, temperature information, radiation information, source information and more!

Numerous Calculations

Expert Materials Analyst + provides multiple 10CFR50 Appendix B qualified calculations ideally suited for nuclear power plant Class 1E safety-related applications including License Renewal.

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